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See Lehman Dermatology to treat you Psoriasis.

Psoriasis is a condition that lasts for the patient’s entire life, but newly developed therapies offer a chance for complete control of symptoms and restoration of a healthy quality of life. Normal skin cells go through their life cycle over the course of approximately one month. In psoriasis, certain areas of skin reproduce much faster and do not have the opportunity to develop their normal protective function. Immune factors are heavily involved in the inflammation seen in psoriasis, leading to thick, scaly, raised areas of skin that are painful and itchy. Any area of the body is susceptible to psoriasis, but the most commonly affected areas of the skin are knees, elbows, and the scalp. Psoriasis can also affect the nails and joints, so be sure to bring up any noted nail changes or joint pains with your dermatologist.  Mild psoriasis can be treated with topical steroids and some non-steroidal creams. More severe cases may require oral or injectable medications. Some of these medications affect the body’s immune system, so a thorough medical history and labs are obtained to ensure the patient is a good candidate for them.