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Rashes are the skin’s reaction to a countless number of exposures, whether internal or external. Rashes can occur from something as simple as a bug bite, or as complex as an immune system malfunction. Depending on the severity of the skin’s appearance and irritation level, your dermatologist may choose to treat a rash with topical or oral medications from the time of your initial visit, or take a biopsy of the rash and send it to the laboratory to find the cause and rule out certain diseases. It’s also possible the rash could be due to an allergic reaction to something coming into contact with the skin. For this, we can perform detailed patch testing using the North American Standard Tray of the 70 most common skin allergens in North America.

The initial presentation of the rash is very important in determining the direction of care, so any details surrounding the outbreak can be very helpful information to give your provider, including new medications, current or chronic illnesses, history of allergies, or unusual chemical or outdoor exposures. Any rash accompanied by swelling of the airways or severe blistering of the skin should be seen immediately by an emergency provider in an Emergency Room or at an urgent care clinic.