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Nicky Shoemaker

I agree completely. Thanks to Dr. Lehman she diagnosed my melanoma back in January of 2018 ( I know it was 100% from tanning). I had surgery immediately at Vanderbilt in Nashville and so far I am still cancer free. It’s not worth it. Take care of yourself and skin. Start by seeing Dr. Lehman. You will be thankful you did. I know I am.

Jacqueline Rosa

I just want to say how wonderful my experience has been since I have been seeing Dr.Lehman…When I first came I couldn’t even look in a mirror. I had hated how bad my acne covered skin looked. I remember how she talked with me listened to my concerns and assured me she could get my skin to a level that I would regain confidence that I had lost a long time ago and guess what, she did!!! She listened and gave me a skin care regimen that has worked and continues to work. I love taking pictures again and stopping to take a second look in the mirror. Thanks, Lehman Advanced Dermatology!

Ava Vienneau

“As a sufferer of acne well into my twenties, I tried everything for my skin for over a decade. No one was able to do more for me than make my acne manageable. At least, that’s until I found Dr. Kimberly Lehman at Lehman Advanced Dermatology. Dr. Kim does an amazing job of giving you the kind of personalized attention your skin needs, and she’ll work with you until she hits the right balance for your skin. Now when I walk by a mirror, I hardly recognize my skin, it’s so clear! I highly recommend this dermatology office.”